Oahu’s Finest Properties

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There are many areas throughout Hawaii that offers buyers the ability to buy into a luxury neighborhood. There are several areas that are sought after by not only locals but investors, Hawaii real estate companies and individuals who are interested in eventually moving to the area.
Kahala is an area that is very well known for the extravagant multimillion dollar homes found here. You will find a variety of mansions, private homes, and estates here. Many wealthy well known celebrities, chefs, politicians, and sportsmen reside here.
Decades ago when the housing divisions were first built construction costed approximately 35 cents per square foot. The subdivision eventually grew and homes averaged between $10,000 and $40,000 depending on the particular area that you purchased in. Now years later those same houses and newer luxury homes start out in the lower millions. Oceanfront properties located in Kahala are higher priced due to the views and waterfront access.
Located on a different part of Oahu, Lanikai is also know for its costly real estate properties. You will find many locals and individuals seeking to purchase beachfront property. They offer cool trade winds, majestic views of not only the water but the mountain ranges as well. There is a bit over 200 oceanfront homes found along the shores. With the demand being so high for beachfront properties the value of these houses will on increase over time from their already costly price tag.
The Lanikai and Kailua Beach areas offer gorgeous views, peaceful serene tranquility, wonderful swimming, kayaking, golfing, kite-surfing, sailing, biking, and even horseback riding. Most houses in this area will go for no less than 1 million dollars and this is on the lower end.
The price ranges can go well beyond this depending on the particular beachfront location, condition of the house, the views, and the cost of houses in surrounding areas.


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