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Oahu attracts many tourists on account of the fact that the Pacific Ocean surrounding this tropical island serves as an ideal surfing destination. Oahu has brought about many changes into this adventurous water sport by introducing many new styles. The long boards, short boards, paddleboards, wake riding boards, boogie boards, wind surfing, kite surfing, body surfing, surfing spas & various lessons on surfing aim to serve one sole purpose. That is having lots of fun in water. Visitors from all over the world travel to Oahu to nurture their surfing experiences. During the winters, waves rise up to a height of even 40ft along Oahu’s north shore. A courageous few ride those mammoth waves become a part of this natural phenomenon.

                         The focus shifts to the south shore in the summer season. While the shores close to Waikiki & Honolulu have many breaks & is therefore more accessible by the beginners. Waikiki attracts more novice surfers on account of the fact that there are many hostels so that they learn in a group while sharing each other’s experiences. The windward shore of Oahu is more renowned for the opportunities of different types of surfing like kite surfing, wind surfing & wake boarding.

                           In wind surfing, a sail is attached to a surfboard, whereupon the wind is used as the motor & the sail determines the direction to which he or she moves. Wake boarding is another way of enjoying yourselves. It is a mix of water skiing & snow boarding, where the whitecaps formed on the upper surface of the water by the wind. These caps act as water parks. Kite surfing, a fusion of wake boarding & wind surfing, is the latest rage among all surfers.

                           Historically surfing originated in the Hawaiian Islands & it was a symbol of their status & power. The royalty & the elite class used a superior quality board & certain other materials that distinguished them from the common people. This sport was immortalized by Duke Kahanamoku. However, it is pertinent to note that there are certain etiquettes & styles that are to be maintained


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