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One of the beauties of visiting Hawaii is being able to live like the locals do. The unique culture of the islands is unlike that of any other place in the world. As a melting pot of literally hundreds of different cultures, the unique language, cuisine, and lifestyle of local residents in Hawaii can be an interesting opportunity for visitors to immerse into a way of life so different and so special. One of the joys of living in a Hawaii vacation rental home is the unparalleled chance to understand and live within the local atmosphere. While visitors in Waikiki hotels are subjected to the touristy side of Hawaii, renting a home in Hawaii provides a much more authentic experience.

A look at different foods can tell a lot about the culture. One of the locals’ favorites is spam musubi. A tradition taken from traditional Japanese cooking, span musubi are created from a ball of rice and piece of luncheon meat, wrapped with nori, or seaweed. While many people from outside of Hawaii may frown upon the prospect of eating canned spam, many local residents will gobble down several spam musubis without flinching. Having a taste of these delectable delights is certainly a must for visitors to Hawaii.

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