Hawaii’s Hidden Hideaway Paradise

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Hawaii’s Hidden Hideaway lets you experience the comfort of a Kailua bed and breakfast which is perfect for those traveling either as a family or as a couple on a romantic getaway. You will be able to enjoy watching the sun rise from a balcony, listening to the waves on quiet evenings and even seeing the moon come up each night between the islands. It is a magnificent place that has to be seen to be believed.

While here you can make a visit to the Kailua Beach Park where you will be able to enjoy a mile long swim out of the island, or go for a walk across the 5 miles of beautiful, stretching white sand.

In Kailua, bed and breakfast through Hawaii’s Hidden Hideaway, you are able to become a certified scuba diver by making use of the training offered to you via their PADI School, making for not only a fun week but also some valuable skills to take with you when you leave.

If surfing is more your thing you will love Kalama Beach Park, which is the perfect spot for your children to learn how to surf thanks to the shallow waters and very smooth, gentle waves offering 30 yard rides; surfing is a big thing here, and everyone should experience it when they visit.

If you would prefer to take a bike ride then you can always take a trip down to the Island Scene. Being new in the area wont be a problem because the Kailua Information Office is able to provide you with a map of the trails, meaning you can’t get lost. For shopping and taking a stroll while at a bed and breakfast in Kailua, there are various boutiques and galleries which are close by and will allow for a nice relaxing break from all the surfing, bicycling, hiking and golfing.

Nature lovers will also find plenty to do, including taking a trip to the Botanical Garden which charges no entrance fee and offers several free guided tours on the weekends. There really is something for everyone here in Kailua, from plenty of clubs for those who like to make the most of their nights to numerous areas to play tennis, basketball and volleyball as well as a plethora of different restaurants and eateries for those who appreciate their food.

Kailua bed and breakfast provides the perfect getaway for everyone to enjoy, allowing you and your travel companions the opportunity to experience all that Hawaii has to offer.


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