Kaimana Beach in Waikiki, Oahu Hawaii

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Located just on the eastern end of Kalakaua and right under the Diamond Head, the Kaimana Beach is well-known as the safest beach in Waikiki.  The place fits in between the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel and the WWI Memorial Natatorium.  The name of the beach is actually taken from the hotel itself.  Back in the year 1884, the beach was originally known as Sans Souci Beach, which literally translates as “without care” in French.  Kaimana is also a popular dating place for many single individuals, and thus it has been labelled as “Dig-Me” Beach.

Many local families and gay adventurers love the serene ambiance that the beach has to offer, owing to the surf and sand beach that is unique to every Waikiki beach.  The soft white sand and pristine blue waters of the Pacific are the distinguishing characteristics of Kaimana Beach.  The beach owes its safety features to the offshore reef and the historic Natatorium, making it free from strong currents, including drop offs and rip currents – the perfect swimming environment even for kids of all ages.

A lot of locals come to the beach to enjoy boogie boarding and body surfing.  One of the most frequently visited areas is a premier surfing site known as Old Man’s, which can be reached by crossing the channel which leads from the beach and to the open waters of the reef.  Swimmers and kayakers are also regular visitors of this area.

If snorkelling is your kind of thing, it is highly recommended to schedule it early in the morning as this gives you less crowd to contend with.  Traversing the reefs on the left and right part of the sandy area will provide you magnificent scenery of colorful and exotic fishes such as Picasso fish, yellow tangs and butterfly fish.  The Kapua Channel also has some nice offshore reefs, although you must be careful with the occasional undercurrents.  There are also times when the channel picks them up.

Services and amenities here include shower and parking.


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