Guide to Nanakuli Beach Park

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Nanakuli Beach Park is situated on the leeward coast of Nanakuli on Oahu. In the Hawaiian language, Nanakuli means to look at the knee. The park name is derived from the name of the Nanakuli town. The south end of the 40-acre park is called Zabian Beach. This is because Benjamin Zabian was the first family that moved to the Zabian Beach. Zabian stayed at a house located behind the beach, which is within the proximity to Nanakuli Stream. Zabian was appointed as a magistrate for the Waianae district. Zabian worked as the magistrate for 4 years. He used to ride on a horse when traveling to different courthouses.

Nanakuli beach is designed primarily for people who want to swim at the beach. It is also for surfers. The sloping coral reef causes the beach to be a perfect swimming spot. You can explore the offshore islands by renting boat or kayak. Surfers should go to the west side of the shore. The wave can reach 1 – 2 feet high during Sunday. Nanakuli beach is approximately 500 feet long and 125 feet wide. The beach is located in the middle of two limestone points. Nanakuli Beach can be found on the right side of Farrington Highway. There are not many shades at Nanakuli Beach because of the lack of trees. Because of the hot sand, you should drink plenty of water before coming. You can also bring your sunscreen to the Nanakuli Beach. Just like most oceans at Hawaii, the ocean gets high surfing wave and strong currents in the winter season. It is not recommended that you swim at Nanakuli Beach. The best time to swim at the Nanakuli Beach is in the summer months. In the winter, the water can be very dangerous.

You are advised to swim only in lifeguarded areas. It is not safe to swim alone. If you don’t know the condition of the ocean, you should not dive into it. You can ask the lifeguard about the surfing conditions before going to swim in it. If you want to swim at the ocean, be sure that you are capable of swimming. You should not swim if you don’t have good swimming skills. It is not good to rely on a flotation device when swimming at the beach. Nanakuli Beach is equipped with a number of facilities including restrooms, showers, and public phones. There is a large picnic area with many trees.


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