About Oahu

Oahu welcomes you! Life can never be more lively and exciting than having a diverse activity to do in such a beautiful island. The Gathering Place is what Oahu means and certainly offers. With the presence of diverse cultural people seeking the haven with heaven in its entirety that is Oahu. You can never find another heavily populated island than Oahu where both rural and urban populace enjoys the comfort and luxuries the island offers. 
The Oahu beach is none like the others. Have a private and romantic rendezvous in the isolated tropical beaches with cascading waterfalls and a green surrounding. Lose yourself while hiking in their mountain trails. There is no ultimate water endeavor than snorkeling, cavorting with the dolphins and catching deep see fishes. To get your feet back to the ground, an enticing golf game is just perfect for tanning. 
Never miss the Diamond Head where you can get a good view of the worlds’ most famous landscapes. Surf where the kings have honed there sports skills at Waikiki. Relax and have a pleasant evening dining in one of the five star restaurants in Honolulu at your perusal. Take a walk and feel the evening breeze coming from the South Shore or better yet a brief cocktail cruise before the full swing of the evening ahead.
Just when you are rested enough, join another invigorating events and activities that run through the night till you drop. Choose from the genre of shows wherever your tastes and preference takes you. Being the capital of economic and political aspects of Hawaii this is the haven of around 900,000 residents which is both local and cultural divergence.
 The Well Balanced Geographical features and Climate
Located at the Tropic of Cancer having a land area of 607.7 square miles and 112 miles coastline distance is where Oahu can be reached. It is about 2,390 miles from the San Francisco and California west side. This is among the remotest spot in the globe line being the 3rd largest island within Hawaii. Mind you, this is where 75% of the total Hawaii population is found. Probably the reason why this is heavily populated is because of its constant temperature of 68-85 degrees Fahrenheit the whole year round. But expect a much cooler and temperature during the months of April to November during the winter months. The beguiling warm coastal water temperature is why the visitors prefer to spend their vacations here.  The two popular mountain ranges which are the Koolau and Waianae Mountains are among their pride.
Multi-Faceted Beaches
The topmost factor which lures the visitors and tourists in Oahu is the diversified beaches that held a multi-faceted character. There are about 139 beaches that serve just about any purpose you could think of. From regular swimming, tide playing, surfing, wind surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling and scuba diving there is no end to the list. There are beach locations that could be perfect for swimming in some months and turns to a surfing spot on winter days. The Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach offers a bigger surf destination during the winter time if you happen to crave so. The dual personality Waimea Bay is one good paradigm that depicts the true diversity of Oahus beaches. In summertime is as calm as a kiddy pool and gives a good imitation of 20-40 foot of surfing waves in the winter months.  
The Magnet on Waikiki
One of the most wanted destination in the Oahu’s South Shore lines. Waikiki is a mile and half beach lines that lures quiet a number of tourists. Here you can immerse yourself with the various leisure interests that cater to all. Either stroll on its grounds, great dining, basic surfing lessons, night clubbing or shopping if you want to get mementos. Have a good laugh with impersonators on stage or a craze Hula dance in Halau. Even the art lovers can take with them the art works found in the market of handicraft products from the minutest sizes to the giant statues.  
Diamond Head Peak
This is just the right place and destination for hikers. Diamond Head is a popular 760 foot extinct volcano that is frequented by hundreds who love to hike daily. The Peak is your final destination which can be explored and holds a 360 degree views in the surrounding areas.
Shopping Spree
When shopping is your in-most purpose wherever you go, do not miss the Ala Moana and Royal Hawaiian Shopping Centers that is the pride of Oahu. And the very mass friendly Internal Marketplace holds just about anything that you could think of. Whether you are shopping for a small memento or huge ones, anything and everything that takes your fancy, get the browsing satisfaction from the cheap to more expensive materials.
Surfing Escapade
Get engulfed by the surfers paradise in Hawaii waters that has larger waves that is so perfect for surfing. This is where the kings sportsmanship started using the heavy boards made out of solid woods.  The Duke Kahanamoku is the famous surf originator. He founded surfing and have spread its popularity all over the globe. He is an Olympian medalist in the sport even and has been driving the generations in line.
For those who love the greater and harder challenge North Shore is the ultimate spot for you. Daredevils can’t go for lesser than the bigger waves, you can see them flock during winter months to catch the very popular Triple Crown Surfing competition which is held there. 
Mild surfers and beginners prefer the calmer waves of Waikiki Beach, Ala Moana and Diamond Head Beaches. There is also the Sandy Beach where the Body surfers and body boarders frequently go, but is not advisable for beginners. Stick to Kailua Beach those who are cautious people and simply enjoy the stronger breeze. 
Pearl Harbor
And who would forget the Pearl Harbor incident. If you want to see the names of those who became heroes that day, check out the Pearl Harbor Museum in Oahu.

Oahu is simply the Best
From the historical to the world renowned spots found in Hawaii, you can bet most are found in Oahu. It is what makes the Island more special and worth visiting.