Oahu is a great place for adventure. The land, water & air activities attract thousands of tourists every year. You can go for a hike through the rain forests or even take a bike & ride through the mountainous ranges. A ride on a horse through the lush green valleys will captivate your hearts. Paragliding or parachuting over the beautiful landscapes of Oahu leaves an indelible impression on your minds. Water adventure sports like swimming, snorkeling & diving are all available out here. Explore the wonderful environment, history & culture of Oahu by availing of the activities.

                       There are a number of companies that can treat to the treasures of Oahu. Adventures Extreme Hawaii offers perfect opportunities of all adventures beginning from windsurfing to sky diving. Another company, Aloha Beach Services can provide you with surfboard, raft rentals. You can experience the beauty of Waikiki’s beaches through these activities. The Aloha Parasail helps you explore the excellent coastline of Waikiki by trying out several air activities like parachuting & paragliding. Other companies like Aloha Dive, Aloha Zone, Breeze Hawaii & Surf-N-Sea can give you proper information about the different diving equipments that are available on rent, the cost of transportation to the major black diving spots including Shark’s Cove, Makaha Caves & Corsair. In fact, Oahu is the only island on the Hawaii that offers the opportunity for wreck driving. The 45-minute journey on the world’s largest submarine fleet, Atlantis Submarine Adventure, will not only introduce to several under water creatures but also show you several sunken ships & aircrafts.

                         If you want to go rafting from the Sand Island to Diamond Head then you can get in touch with the Banana Boat Riders of Hawaii. The summit at 763 ft offers an unparalled look of the Hawaiian Islands. For best sightseeing of Oahu, you can rely on Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours. The Hawaii Charter Skippers Association offers charter boats for trying a hand at fishing. Paragliding can be best experienced at the Dillingham Airfield aboard glider planes. In fact, there is a long list of companies that can help you explore this island.