Valid Reasons to Why Hawaii Can be Your Honeymoon Destination

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Your wedding day was of course or will be something very big. This is the time that no one ever forgets in a lifetime. A wedding requires a lot of planning and thoughts but there is one thing that requires the same amount of thoughts and planning as well; the honeymoon afterwards. Well, if you have not already decided where you are going than let me tell you the dream honeymoon destination; Hawaii. Below are some valid reasons to why Hawaii can be your honeymoon dream destination. I am sure you will love it.

The big island of Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world where you can be a part of many activities including fishing, sun bathing, snorkeling, diving, and enjoy the best natural beauty on earth. If you consider the beaches of Hawaii Island, being there with your life partner is the best thing you would ever want to do.

Not only Hawaii is so popular because of the big sandy beaches but also because of its rich culture and history. You will get to see monuments that are standing for around 1500 years now; even the most experienced historians get amazed going to Hawaii. MookiniHeiau State Monument, which was once, used as a temple where human sacrifice was done will life the ground from your feet. There are many more cultural and historical sites you can explore with your partner and get amazed.

Talking about the attractions that Hawaii offers the list might just not fit in this little piece of information. Some of the highlighted things to explore would be Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaiian EDventure, Aloja Jet Ski, and there are many more places you would love going and having fun at.

Well, if you or your partner is an animal and nature lover; Hawaii offers a good wildlife experience too. How would you feel if I said that at Dolphin Quest not only you get to see dolphins but also you get to swim with them? Well, you can do that!  You will get to see plenty of species of birds and sea animals that you have never even heard about.

Hotels and beach resorts of Hawaii are simply amazing and marvelous. You cannot imagine the sights and sceneries your eyes will discover. It is a totally different world out there and your partner will love you for selecting Hawaii as your honeymoon destination.


Running for Fun

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The world famous Honolulu Marathon is the sixth largest of its kind and takes place every year in December.  Winding its way through Honolulu, and past many Oahu condos for sale in eastern Oahu, the course is not only a highly-competitive race but also a scenic view through the sunny part of Oahu.  The course starts near Ala Moana Beach Park and winds through downtown Honolulu before looping through Waikiki, around Diamond Head, and out towards Hawaii Kai on the H1 freeway.  Once in Hawaii Kai, the course takes a U-turn to return to Waikiki at the storied Kapiolani Park finish line.  A number of different tents await finishers at the park, offering massages, food, and entertainment to congratulate those who make it through the course.  The relative difficulty of the course precludes participants from setting record times relative to other marathons worldwide.

Since the race began in 1973, the marathon has steadily grown to become one of the premier races in the world.  In 2008, over 24,000 people participated in the contest. Unique to the Honolulu Marathon is the high number of international contestants that travel to Hawaii for the sole purpose of participating.  Japan, where there are very few marathons, is the largest country represented and in 2008 accounted for almost 62% of the field.  Due to large corporate sponsorship, the winner of the contest is awarded a large sum of money.

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The island of Oahu offers diverse opportunities for diving. Whether it be shore dives or boat dives, the turquoise waters of the Hawaiian Islands offer some of the best spots for diving. The rich marine life comprising of reef fish, coral beds, starfish, turtles, octopuses, lobsters are a treat to the eyes of any diver. In fact, Oahu is the only island in Hawaii that offer opportunity for wreck diving. Over 650 species of reef fish, 38 types of moray eels, and 9 different species of the anglerfish, apart from the numerous varieties of scorpion fish, shrimps, flat worms, nudibranchs & giant sea turtles will mesmerize everybody into the waters of Oahu.

                   There are some fine diving spots in Oahu. In fact, several dive shops have been strategically set up to cater to the different needs of the divers. The southern side boasts of a number of well-known diving sites, like the Corsair wreck. It was in 1946, the pilot of Corsair who was on a training mission, ran out of fuel & landed the plane on the shores of Hawaii Kai. It is known that rare species of crocodiles, garden eels, horned helmet conch shells, apart from the large pelagic fish like jacks & stingrays. The Mahi shipwreck on the western shore of Oahu is another interesting diving spot. It was here that the U.S. Navy vessel sunk as an artificial reef in 1982. Located just a mile away from the Waianae Boat Harbor, the Mahi wreck dive attracts eagle rays around them. Situated 500 yards off the Mokapu Point, the Moku Manu diving spot attract many divers for its rich aquatic life. It includes eels, turtles, reef fish & lobsters. Shark’s Cove is a fantastic diving spot in the northern shore. A plethora of reef fishes with caves, lava tubes & ledges make Mokapu point an ideal place for scuba training.

                    It is pertinent to remember that there are many training schools, where you can brush your skills. The numerous dive shops are also equipped with trained professionals to help visitors. 


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Oahu attracts many tourists on account of the fact that the Pacific Ocean surrounding this tropical island serves as an ideal surfing destination. Oahu has brought about many changes into this adventurous water sport by introducing many new styles. The long boards, short boards, paddleboards, wake riding boards, boogie boards, wind surfing, kite surfing, body surfing, surfing spas & various lessons on surfing aim to serve one sole purpose. That is having lots of fun in water. Visitors from all over the world travel to Oahu to nurture their surfing experiences. During the winters, waves rise up to a height of even 40ft along Oahu’s north shore. A courageous few ride those mammoth waves become a part of this natural phenomenon.

                         The focus shifts to the south shore in the summer season. While the shores close to Waikiki & Honolulu have many breaks & is therefore more accessible by the beginners. Waikiki attracts more novice surfers on account of the fact that there are many hostels so that they learn in a group while sharing each other’s experiences. The windward shore of Oahu is more renowned for the opportunities of different types of surfing like kite surfing, wind surfing & wake boarding.

                           In wind surfing, a sail is attached to a surfboard, whereupon the wind is used as the motor & the sail determines the direction to which he or she moves. Wake boarding is another way of enjoying yourselves. It is a mix of water skiing & snow boarding, where the whitecaps formed on the upper surface of the water by the wind. These caps act as water parks. Kite surfing, a fusion of wake boarding & wind surfing, is the latest rage among all surfers.

                           Historically surfing originated in the Hawaiian Islands & it was a symbol of their status & power. The royalty & the elite class used a superior quality board & certain other materials that distinguished them from the common people. This sport was immortalized by Duke Kahanamoku. However, it is pertinent to note that there are certain etiquettes & styles that are to be maintained

Golf Resort And Spa

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Relaxing in the sun while on vacation is about as good as it gets. In Oahu you have so many things to experience that you will never have time to be bored. There are many activities that you can involve yourself in including surfing, swimming, horseback riding, parasailing, windsurfing, and many other ocean or beach activities. What would you guess is one of the most popular activities found in Oahu? While there may be many answers to this question golf is the one I am referring to. There are individuals who come from all over to stay and play at the Oahu Golf Resorts and Spas.
One of the more popular resorts is the JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa. They have amazing golf courses for beginners as well as the more advanced. You can spend your day on the green taking lessons or playing like pros. To stay at this resort the price will vary depending on what type of room you are looking for. But you can be sure that the golf courses found here will be impressive. Along with an exceptional golfing experience you can spend the rest of your day at their spa being pampered. Their spa services including personal fitness training, massage therapies, face and skin care, scrub bar, body wraps, hair salons, or enjoy a manicure.
The Turtle Bay Resort with its beauty, charm and class will be sure to impress you with their two championship golf courses. They have private swimming pools, surfing schools, horseback riding, and many other desired activities.
This is just a couple of the many Golf Resorts & Spas that can be found in Oahu. Each hold their own charm and offer a tranquility that will differ from the next. The price will vary depending on the type of room or suite that your looking to purchase. Many of these places offer a discount for extended stays or reservations that start at a week or longer.