Hawaii’s Hidden Hideaway Paradise

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Hawaii’s Hidden Hideaway lets you experience the comfort of a Kailua bed and breakfast which is perfect for those traveling either as a family or as a couple on a romantic getaway. You will be able to enjoy watching the sun rise from a balcony, listening to the waves on quiet evenings and even seeing the moon come up each night between the islands. It is a magnificent place that has to be seen to be believed.

While here you can make a visit to the Kailua Beach Park where you will be able to enjoy a mile long swim out of the island, or go for a walk across the 5 miles of beautiful, stretching white sand.

In Kailua, bed and breakfast through Hawaii’s Hidden Hideaway, you are able to become a certified scuba diver by making use of the training offered to you via their PADI School, making for not only a fun week but also some valuable skills to take with you when you leave.

If surfing is more your thing you will love Kalama Beach Park, which is the perfect spot for your children to learn how to surf thanks to the shallow waters and very smooth, gentle waves offering 30 yard rides; surfing is a big thing here, and everyone should experience it when they visit.

If you would prefer to take a bike ride then you can always take a trip down to the Island Scene. Being new in the area wont be a problem because the Kailua Information Office is able to provide you with a map of the trails, meaning you can’t get lost. For shopping and taking a stroll while at a bed and breakfast in Kailua, there are various boutiques and galleries which are close by and will allow for a nice relaxing break from all the surfing, bicycling, hiking and golfing.

Nature lovers will also find plenty to do, including taking a trip to the Botanical Garden which charges no entrance fee and offers several free guided tours on the weekends. There really is something for everyone here in Kailua, from plenty of clubs for those who like to make the most of their nights to numerous areas to play tennis, basketball and volleyball as well as a plethora of different restaurants and eateries for those who appreciate their food.

Kailua bed and breakfast provides the perfect getaway for everyone to enjoy, allowing you and your travel companions the opportunity to experience all that Hawaii has to offer.

Visiting Waikiki: Lovers Paradise of Water, Ocean and Beach

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Eastern end of Waikiki beach, Kapiolani Park.
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Anyone who loves being around water or in the water cannot visit Hawaii without stopping by Waikiki, Oahu. You will be adorned with the traditional floral wreath called a lei when you first arrive. What are some of the things you can do in Waikiki that make is so special? There are endless water activities for you to experience during your visit to this water lover’s paradise. You can hang out on the beach, surf or go snorkeling and see the great aquamarine life that inhabits the ocean. Here are some recommendations of things you can do when you visit this amazing place.

How about visiting Waikiki beach? Each year multitudes of tourists scramble to spend time on Waikiki beach. This world famous beach is known for its breathtaking ocean view and crystal white sand. The warm weather and tropical climate have contributed to this beach being a year round hot spot. Waikiki Beach also has an outdoor movie series and a “Brunch on the Beach,” feast that’s held every summer.

How about surfing? Waikiki is considered by many to be the original birthplace of present day surfing. Duke Kahanamoku was a native of Waikiki that brought surfing back into the forefront of popular culture. He turned Surfing which was an ancient tradition into a worldwide sport. His influence earned him the nickname of “The Duke” which stayed with him for the rest of his surfing career. He is also idolized by many surfing enthusiasts and a statue was erected in Waikiki to honor his legacy. In fact, Waikiki is now recognized as the global headquarters for surfing professionals. Several global surfing competitions are hosted in Waikiki as a result of this honor.

What about spending time at the world famous Aquarium? You will have a chance to visit a true landmark when you stop by the world renowned Waikiki aquarium. This is one of the first aquariums to ever be established in United States history. Famous Author, Jules Verne’s book, 20,000 Leagues Under the sea is said to have originated during his visit to this aquarium.

What about visiting Diamond Head Volcano or Kapiolani Park? This tall volcano is truly an amazing sight to see. It towers over all the other monuments and provides a stunning view of the Waikiki’s natural beauty. You can also spend time walking natural trails and observing gorgeous green trees at Kapiolani Park which encompasses parts of the volcano.

There are many vacation rentals in this area including Waikiki banyan vacation rentals on Kuhio. Another consideration is to buy one of many waikiki condos for sale to use for your vacation when you come to Hawaii.

Are there any other activities you can enjoy in Waikiki? There are several restaurants, resorts and shopping malls located in Waikiki. You can choose from a variety of traditional Hawaiian cuisines in addition to tasting other foods from around the globe. You can also walk along the shores or sandy beach and eat like a king at one of the traditional pig roasts. You can also travel along Kaluana Avenue to see the Wizard Stones that are thought to be inhabited by four Tahitian Priests. During the summer you can see daily hula shows at Kuhio Beach Hula Mound. There are so many other shows and activities you can enjoy and most of these activities are within walking distance.

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Live Like the locals do

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Waikiki Beach at sunset, looking east from the...
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One of the beauties of visiting Hawaii is being able to live like the locals do. The unique culture of the islands is unlike that of any other place in the world. As a melting pot of literally hundreds of different cultures, the unique language, cuisine, and lifestyle of local residents in Hawaii can be an interesting opportunity for visitors to immerse into a way of life so different and so special. One of the joys of living in a Hawaii vacation rental home is the unparalleled chance to understand and live within the local atmosphere. While visitors in Waikiki hotels are subjected to the touristy side of Hawaii, renting a home in Hawaii provides a much more authentic experience.

A look at different foods can tell a lot about the culture. One of the locals’ favorites is spam musubi. A tradition taken from traditional Japanese cooking, span musubi are created from a ball of rice and piece of luncheon meat, wrapped with nori, or seaweed. While many people from outside of Hawaii may frown upon the prospect of eating canned spam, many local residents will gobble down several spam musubis without flinching. Having a taste of these delectable delights is certainly a must for visitors to Hawaii.

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After 45 Years of Business the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki Closes

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After 45 Years of Business the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki Closes

The 30-story hotel opened in 1964 and claimed that it was Oahu’s first luxury high-rise hotel with sweeping views of the Honolulu skyline and beautiful Waikiki beaches. The Y-shaped hotel gained its fame in the late 60’s when the popular cop show “Hawaii Five-O” filmed there for an opening sequence. Unfortunately, the Ilikai Hotel was forced to close its doors just after midnight on Thursday, July 9, ousting guests from the hotel after employes were given only 24 hours notice to empty out the hotel. Due to increasing operating losses, the hotel was closed by its new owner, iStar Financial Inc., which obtained the hotel for $51 million after the hotel was foreclosed in May. It is still uncertain what the company plans to do with the hotel now the it is closed.

Unfortunately, the Ilikai Hotel isn’t the only hotel that has suffered financially. Due to the current economic recession and rising fuel prices, Hawaii tourism has suffered greatly, with hotel occupancy rates declining rapidly. However, this gives many hotels reason to offer many great discount rates and vacation packages in order to help attract tourists back to Hawaii. With many recent renovations and developments in Waikiki, tourists will still be able to find paradise but with discounted rates.

Oahu’s Finest Properties

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There are many areas throughout Hawaii that offers buyers the ability to buy into a luxury neighborhood. There are several areas that are sought after by not only locals but investors, Hawaii real estate companies and individuals who are interested in eventually moving to the area.
Kahala is an area that is very well known for the extravagant multimillion dollar homes found here. You will find a variety of mansions, private homes, and estates here. Many wealthy well known celebrities, chefs, politicians, and sportsmen reside here.
Decades ago when the housing divisions were first built construction costed approximately 35 cents per square foot. The subdivision eventually grew and homes averaged between $10,000 and $40,000 depending on the particular area that you purchased in. Now years later those same houses and newer luxury homes start out in the lower millions. Oceanfront properties located in Kahala are higher priced due to the views and waterfront access.
Located on a different part of Oahu, Lanikai is also know for its costly real estate properties. You will find many locals and individuals seeking to purchase beachfront property. They offer cool trade winds, majestic views of not only the water but the mountain ranges as well. There is a bit over 200 oceanfront homes found along the shores. With the demand being so high for beachfront properties the value of these houses will on increase over time from their already costly price tag.
The Lanikai and Kailua Beach areas offer gorgeous views, peaceful serene tranquility, wonderful swimming, kayaking, golfing, kite-surfing, sailing, biking, and even horseback riding. Most houses in this area will go for no less than 1 million dollars and this is on the lower end.
The price ranges can go well beyond this depending on the particular beachfront location, condition of the house, the views, and the cost of houses in surrounding areas.

Vacation Rentals On Oahu

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Oahu,Hawaii is a vacation spot like you no other. At one moment you may be peeking over a cliff viewing panoramic surroundings, and the next minute you could be lying on the beach soaking up the sun. Golfing, snorkeling, parasailing, hiking, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, scuba diving, cruises, helicopter rides, land tours, and many other activities could become a part of your vacation in Oahu.
The restaurants and eateries that’s available in Oahu is spectacular and will always leave your taste buds in awe. There are a wide array of places to eat depending on what your looking for as well as your budget. Shopping is another huge part of the vacationing experience in Oahu. There are many shops that cater to almost anything you could possibly want or need.
For those who are looking to spend some quality time vacationing in Oahu you may look into renting a vacation home instead of staying in a hotel. There are several to choose from and can range from $400 a week to as much as into the thousands a month.
Some vacation rental homes may be leased through real estate companies, mortgage brokers, property managements, and individuals. There are hundreds of individuals who list property each day for your convenience. For those who are looking for private accommodations with more freedom to do as they please vacation home rentals would be an excellent choice. On average Oahu has hundreds of different rentals to choose from.
The homes themselves vary depending on the prices. You will find small homes with a single bedroom and 1 bath while others have several bedrooms with 2 or more baths and a swimming pool. You could easily find something to suit the needs of you and your family. For those who are traveling as a group it may be a huge savings to swing for a vacation rental home versus paying for individual hotel rooms.

Time Share Properties On Oahu

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For those who have visited Oahu, Hawaii they often return due to the memories created there. With its beautiful surroundings, crystal clear waters, many activities to participate in, several restaurants to dine at, and just the natural beauty that Oahu has to offer its the perfect travel destination. For those who enjoy traveling to the area for more than just a vacation a timeshare may be an option that should be looked into.
Timeshare rentals allow vacationers to stay an extended period of time at some of Oahu’s most luxurious condominiums or most popular vacation properties without actually buying the property. Tourists will also say a great amount of money on resort rental fees that most resorts require. You can find many places that allow you to search for timeshares by resales, city, specific resort, exchanges, or location. If you have a set  budget you can often find great deals during different periods of the year.
There is a high demand for timeshares on Oahu, especially near the resort area of Waikiki. Since Waikiki has some of Hawaii’s finest shopping and dining areas it increases the desire for tourist to be there. Oahu holds over 20 percent of the timeshare market throughout all of Hawaii which is relatively impressive. The demand for timeshares in Waikiki actually exceeds the supply available which in return means that any Oahu timeshares will receive the maximum trading value available.
Due to the limited inventory available on Oahu, and Hawaii in general it makes it a highly sought- after timeshare destination. Oahu holds a reputation for its world class international resort areas. Its ranked in the top five throughout the world for timeshares.
For those who are looking for options to possess a dream vacation home without spending the money to actually buy one then purchasing a timeshare property could be the solution to your problem.