Visiting Waikiki: Lovers Paradise of Water, Ocean and Beach

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Eastern end of Waikiki beach, Kapiolani Park.
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Anyone who loves being around water or in the water cannot visit Hawaii without stopping by Waikiki, Oahu. You will be adorned with the traditional floral wreath called a lei when you first arrive. What are some of the things you can do in Waikiki that make is so special? There are endless water activities for you to experience during your visit to this water lover’s paradise. You can hang out on the beach, surf or go snorkeling and see the great aquamarine life that inhabits the ocean. Here are some recommendations of things you can do when you visit this amazing place.

How about visiting Waikiki beach? Each year multitudes of tourists scramble to spend time on Waikiki beach. This world famous beach is known for its breathtaking ocean view and crystal white sand. The warm weather and tropical climate have contributed to this beach being a year round hot spot. Waikiki Beach also has an outdoor movie series and a “Brunch on the Beach,” feast that’s held every summer.

How about surfing? Waikiki is considered by many to be the original birthplace of present day surfing. Duke Kahanamoku was a native of Waikiki that brought surfing back into the forefront of popular culture. He turned Surfing which was an ancient tradition into a worldwide sport. His influence earned him the nickname of “The Duke” which stayed with him for the rest of his surfing career. He is also idolized by many surfing enthusiasts and a statue was erected in Waikiki to honor his legacy. In fact, Waikiki is now recognized as the global headquarters for surfing professionals. Several global surfing competitions are hosted in Waikiki as a result of this honor.

What about spending time at the world famous Aquarium? You will have a chance to visit a true landmark when you stop by the world renowned Waikiki aquarium. This is one of the first aquariums to ever be established in United States history. Famous Author, Jules Verne’s book, 20,000 Leagues Under the sea is said to have originated during his visit to this aquarium.

What about visiting Diamond Head Volcano or Kapiolani Park? This tall volcano is truly an amazing sight to see. It towers over all the other monuments and provides a stunning view of the Waikiki’s natural beauty. You can also spend time walking natural trails and observing gorgeous green trees at Kapiolani Park which encompasses parts of the volcano.

There are many vacation rentals in this area including Waikiki banyan vacation rentals on Kuhio. Another consideration is to buy one of many waikiki condos for sale to use for your vacation when you come to Hawaii.

Are there any other activities you can enjoy in Waikiki? There are several restaurants, resorts and shopping malls located in Waikiki. You can choose from a variety of traditional Hawaiian cuisines in addition to tasting other foods from around the globe. You can also walk along the shores or sandy beach and eat like a king at one of the traditional pig roasts. You can also travel along Kaluana Avenue to see the Wizard Stones that are thought to be inhabited by four Tahitian Priests. During the summer you can see daily hula shows at Kuhio Beach Hula Mound. There are so many other shows and activities you can enjoy and most of these activities are within walking distance.

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