Enjoy Sushi At Nobu’s Waikiki

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For seafood lovers dining at Nobu’s Waikiki is a must when visiting Oahu. This one of the most popular restaurants for sushi lovers. You will find many individuals ranging from locals to tourists who boast when given the chance about this amazing eatery.

You will find a wide variety of sushi entrees here varying from regular sushi platters to speciality dishes. They offer many types of sushi rolls that attract customers from all over. Some of these include Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Asparagus Tuna, Negi Toro, Negi Hama, and Salmon Avocado. You can choose either hand roll or cut roll. Other very popular dishes include Eel Cucumber, Shrimp Tempura, Salmon Skin, Spicy Scallop, Soft Shell Crab, and Ohsinko. These are just a few of the many affordable meals that can be purchased here.

You can find many other dishes as well if your looking for something other than sushi including sashimi, salad, steak, chicken, and a wide variety of fresh vegetables. You will also find a tasteful selection of desserts that will be sure top off the perfect ending to a delightful dinner.

Nobu Waikki offers an elegant, relaxing atmosphere with a polite staff. You will find most dishes to be very affordable for the high quality dinners you will actually receive.

You will also find an exceptional drink list including sake, wine, and rum. There are specialty and dessert drinks to choose from. If your unsure of what to choose your server would be happy to make a selection for you. A few drinks from the cocktail list include Matsuhisa Martini, Emporio Martini, Shira Ume, Champagne, and Pisco Sour. The cost for the cocktails run around $14.00. The wine list has almost everything that you could possibly imagine. There are many other drinks including a wide array of wines to choose from.

With the wonderful selection your taste buds will definitely bring you back to Nobu Waikiki for many dinners to come.